Morvern Callar – Alan Warner

Book #111

Reviewer: carriebee

Morvern Callar is living a pretty dead-end life in a Scottish seaside town. One morning she wakes to discover her boyfriend has committed suicide by cutting his own throat. She cries over his body for a while, but rather than calling an ambulance, or the police, she has a bath, opens her Christmas presents from him, and heads off to work. She later disposes of his body by cutting it into pieces and disposing of it bit by bit in the woods. She then empties his bank account and takes credit for a novel he’s written. She goes to Spain on a clubbing holiday with the money, and does tonnes of drugs while her boyfriend lies dead.
Morvern’s character is pretty hard to understand. The book is written from her perspective, as if she was talking to the reader, but you still have no idea what is going on in her head. Is she in shock? Is she cold and amoral? My take on it is that she feels her life is so meaningless and she has no prospects, then why not take opportunities when they arise?

I quite enjoyed this book, and the writing style was really interesting. I’d definitely read another book from this author.


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