The Week Ahead

This week we are heading on an international literary voyage.

Our first port of call is New Orleans, Louisiana.  On Monday, John Kennedy Toole will be taking us on a whirlwind, crazy tour of the city’s eccentric population circa 1960.
A Confederacy of Dunces is our second Pulitzer Prize winning work to be reviewed and its rather sad road to publication is a story in itself.
Join Ignatius J. Reilly, medievalist and general layabout on a whacky adventure in working for a living.  You will be left in stitches.

Then on Wednesday we will have our bookish inspired Quote of the Week.

Finally on Friday we will be taking a trip from France to Japan as we follow the life of the silk merchant, Hervé Joncour.  Silk by Alessandro Baricco will be taking us on an historical visit to the 19th century silk industry, and through the life altering experiences that Hervé has as a result of his visits to Japan.
A short, but well formed novella, according to our reviewer.

Now if you are a little quirky, like at least one editor here at 1001 Books, you may have the odd reading tic.  The particular foible I have in mind is reading every book by an author you can get your hands on.  Even with all of the published books available to choose from, written by innumerable individuals, the 1001 Books To Read Before You Die list still manages to provide you with ready reading.

Here is a very small sample of authors with multiple entries.  Take another look at the list, there are plenty more to choose from.

Kazuo Ishiguro has 5 entries.

1. Never Let Me Go
110. The Unconsoled
190. Remains of the Day
230. An Artist of the Floating World
274. A Pale View of Hills

Ian McEwan has 8 entries.

2. Saturday
42. Atonement
81. Amsterdam
95. Enduring Love
162. Black Dogs
216. The Child in Time
283. The Comfort of Strangers
302. The Cement Garden

J.M.Coetzee has 10 entries.

4. Slow Man
21. Elizabeth Costello
34. Youth
77. Disgrace
124. The Master of Petersburg
232. Foe
266. The Life and Times of Michael K
287. Waiting for the Barbarians
309. In the Heart of the Country
337. Dusklands

Happy reading everyone.


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  1. lnatal March 19, 2012 / 1:55 am

    great idea, thanks for the tip.

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