Facebook Page

Just a reminder that we have created a Facebook page to marry up with this blog.  Each entry from the blog is posted up on the page so if you are a social media socialite then you may prefer to get your book fix that way.

We also occasionally post interesting, funny, or appropriate status updates over at Facebook that don’t make it here to the blog as they are more suited to the quick-sharing nature of the Facebook format.
For instance, a few days back we shared an article about John Updike’s 6 Rules for Constructive Criticism and a few days prior to that we shared an image of a wonderful free library in Bogotá (Colombia).

Today we also began a weekly status update inviting our Facebook readers to visit our Review Crew at home at their personal blogs, where many write about non-1001 books too.

If you visit the blog to read the reviews, simply scroll down and click the like button on the Facebook plugin.  Otherwise you can always do a search for us over at Facebook the next time you login to see what your friends are up to.

We hope you’ll join us over in the social media world, so you can share in and enjoy the little non-book review snippets that pass over our digital desks.  We look forward to seeing you in the comments, here or at Facebook.


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