A Summer Break

Mt Maunganui Beach 2006
Mt Maunganui Beach

It is almost summertime here in the southern hemisphere and that means longer days, plenty of time and warmth to be outside enjoying time with friends and family.  It also coincides with the annual Christmas and New Year holidays.  It is not unusual for non-retail businesses here in New Zealand to close their doors a day or so before Christmas and not open them again until the 7th or 14th of January and since we are based in this part of the world the team at 1001 Books has decided that we could do with a summer break ourselves.

So from the first week of December until the last week of January we will be working on a skeleton posting schedule.  After all, we don’t want you all to think that we are abandoning you entirely.  Instead of two reviews per week, a Quote of the Week and an Opening Line we will be paring right back to one review per week.  It will appear on Wednesday morning, local time.

If you think you will be missing the second review, please be consoled by the fact that we have some new reviewers offering to write about the 1001 books they have read.  You may find that you have a new voice and opinion that you can enjoy.

Also I am not averse to popping in every now and then to do a random post of some sort should the mood and summer spirit take me.  In the meantime, if you have a review you would like to specifically contribute to the Summer Break reading, just drop us an email with the details.  We are always happy to hear what you have to say about the 1001 Books.

Happy reading.

Lynn (Ms Oh Waily) and Tori (Inspirationalreads)

P.S.   Yes.  I may be spending a few days on this beach over Christmas.  Bliss.  Hot, but bliss.


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