March Update

​8 books reviewed
132 books in total
869 to go

Last month we managed to hit our target of publishing two reviews per week, which is great – and no small feat!

We began with Franny and Zooey, and finished with The Wasp Factory, both novels whose authors have multiple entries in this list. The similarities, it is fair to say, would seem to end there, though – these are two very different stories.

In fact, I think contrasts could have been our theme for March:

a glowing 5/5 star-review for Farewell, My Lovely followed a dismal 2/5 star-review for Heart of Darkness;

The Corrections is a commentary on modern late-20th Century life, while Northanger Abbey is set in Austen’s 1800s;

and the first Bond novel, Casino Royale, preceeded fantasy novel Legend. Actually…perhaps these two are more alike than you would first assume, with their larger-than-life characters, impossible action sequences and legendary heroes!


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