Welcome to the New Year

027840-glossy-space-icon-culture-books3-stackedHello Book Lovers,

After a long and relaxing summer break, we are heading back into reviewing mode for 2014.
This year you will find our reviews coming out on Wednesdays and our quotes on Fridays.

We have some plans to revamp the look of the blog in the upcoming months,  so look out for that.
As well as a new look we have an idea that should help you find your way to your favourite writing periods from each blog post, which we will roll out in a couple of months.

Don’t forget that we are always happy to hear from anyone who wishes to write a review, just check out our Join the Review Crew page for details.  Previously published reviews are welcome too.  The more voices, the merrier.

If you like to read what we have to say about the 1001 Books, don’t forget to spread the word amongst your bookish friends.  We can be followed by email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or the old fashioned RSS feed.  Look for the pretty, new icons in the sidebar of the blog.

Happy Reading everyone!


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