2014 in Review

Welcome to 2015 !

Apologies for going quiet towards the end of last year, we were all rather busy in our day-to-day lives and that left rather little time for reviewing and posting here.

To start us off, here is a recap of all the books we did review throughout 2014 and a little bit of humour as we revisit the topic of which is the favourite 100.  Our first post about that was back in July 2012, to which we added a follow-up in January 2013.  As at the start of 2015, here are our most popular 100s.

Books 1 – 99: 31 reviews
Books 100 – 199: 17 reviews
Books 200 – 299: 27 reviews
Books 300 – 399: 17 reviews
Books 400 – 499: 17 reviews
Books 500 – 599: 20 reviews
Books 600 – 699: 17 reviews
Books 700 – 799: 20 reviews
Books 800 – 899: 19 reviews
Books 900 – 1001: 18 reviews

Surprisingly it’s a pretty even balance across most of the list, with only 1-99 and 200-299 showing out as clear favourites.

If you prefer it by century then here we are:

2000s: 23 reviews
1900s: 137 reviews
1800s: 33 reviews
1700s: 4 reviews
pre-1700: 6 reviews

This balance is unsurprising given the heavy weighting towards books from the 1900s in the list.

Does your reading of the 1001 Books show any bias, in either 100s or centuries?

A total of 24 books were reviewed in 2014, and here they are.




The Man Who Loved Children          The Master and Margarita            The Thin Man








B      T       l       r







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