A Book Sale

As you may know from reading our earlier post we at 1001 Books are an affiliate for the online bookseller, The Book Depository.
As such we receive notification of upcoming sales and promotions.  And being goodhearted bookish citizens, we are here to share news on the latest promotion.  It is about to begin as I type and extends over a 24 hour period.  The discounts on offer are very tempting, now to find the perfect book…

24h offer. up to 80% off. Great Discounts at The book Depository

I have not personally taken part in a 24 hour of offers sale here, but I’m sure that there will be something in the sale that will be perfect for your reading.  And as today’s quote quite rightly points out, books first and then food and clothing.

Happy reading (and saving) everyone.


One thought on “A Book Sale

  1. lnatal June 20, 2012 / 11:06 pm

    thanks to let me know.

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