Junky – William Burroughs

Book #515

Reviewer: Alison

One line on the back cover sums this book up perfectly; “A legendary account of heroin addiction, drawn from William S Burroughs’ own life”

I knew this book would be special when I borrowed it from the library.  The librarian advised me that the reason it’s kept behind the desk is because it tends to get stolen!

First published in 1953 the book is still unnervingly relevant and modern today.

Set in the early – mid 1900’s it is a “no holds barred” story of the writers life as a heroin addict.  It depicts the highs and lows of addiction.  He “takes the cure” several times enduring the pain and sickness of withdrawal only to be drawn right back in.

All in all a great read however a little raw & confronting at times.


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